5 Years of Traffic Success

Hi I am Andrea.

ViralAdStore has been proving itself as a successful mailer for 5 years!

and for 2015, it’s going to be even BIGGER and BETTER!

New members are flooding through the door as the CTR shoots up (meaning your email get read) and the OTO and Sales copy has been improved for you to make even more commissions.

ViralAdStore is also jam packed full of super cool features that won’t find at any other site…

It has a unique viral feature that will explode your downline and
just blow you away. Every day Greg will send out the Jackpot
email for two lucky winners. If you’re first to open it then the prize
is yours!

But… watch this carefully though as Greg plans to throw in some
really BIG prizes.

I did say two lucky winners right? If one of your referrals wins, then
the prize is 100% matched to YOU. The more referrals you have,
the more chance you have of winning. This feature alone gives you
the perfect reason to promote ViralAdStore. but I have another…

Each time you hit a milestone for referring you’ll receive a bonus.
This could result in an extra 100,000 hits to your site every year.
If you want quality traffic to your site and the chance of winning
some awesome prizes then join…

To your success,


PS. Watch out for the crazy ‘One Time Offer’ This one is not to be missed!

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