Aliens mars

The aliens, extraterrestrials, humanoids, call them what you will, it seems that NASA has discovered intelligent life forms on the surface of Mars. If true, and if not it is a false assumption, it would be to follow the first directive of StarTrek, and that is: not to interfere with alien life.

My advice is to investigate, scrutinize, observe, and see if they are not hostile.
So: avoid any form of contact with the robots sent to Mars, could be destroyed and control the alien race on mars.

For a first contact with the alien race council to build a Robot Humanoid Biped and send it to Mars inside a spaceship appropriate for this purpose, indestructible, designed to explore the Martian surface or for a first contact with extraterrestrials; precisely to avoid sending a human being in jeopardy, without knowing what they are getting.

To you a series of links to homes in the robotic world that NASA should take into strong consideration, to use these robots to be sent out on patrol to explore strange new worlds.


Undeniable Humanoid Statue Found On Mars

Humanoid’s Galore on the Planet Mars ?

Is This The Face Of A Martian? 2014 HD Available

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